Monday October 31st, 2016

Annette Simmons makes historic
$50 million donation
to Trinity River Park project

Donation will enable development and construction of The Harold Simmons Park to begin

Mayor Mike Rawlings along with Annette Simmons and the Trinity Trust today announced a historic $50 million donation from Annette Simmons in honor of her late husband, Harold Simmons, for the new Trinity River park.

The donation is the single largest gift from a private donor for a public/private partnership benefitting the City of Dallas. It will launch development and construction of the first phase of what is poised to become one of America’s greatest urban parks.

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The Trinity River Park Plan

With careful balance, respect for the river and a plan for our future, the Trinity vision represents the future of Dallas. Using 90% of the land, the project will create one of America’s largest urban parks between the Trinity levees. This primary park will be connected to surrounding communities via five elevated parks that will extend from inside the levees into neighboring communities, creating connectivity vibrancy and growth. Using just 10% of the land, we will create the Trinity Parkway, a smaller, lower speed meandering road that will provide access to this new public gathering space from all parts of Dallas. See below, and learn how the Trinity Project will connect us … and finally make our city whole.

The Trinity Project create a world-class urban park that is 50 times larger than Klyde Warren Park, providing recreation, exercise, quality of life and economic development. In addition to miles of trails and pathways, the park would include five elevated parks that will extend from the levees into surrounding communities, connecting our city, bringing new vibrancy and creating new economic growth opportunities. The naturalized design will allow for flowing waterways and lush greenery during rainy seasons, and marsh-wetland area with an exposed river bottom and drier plant life in dry seasons, both honoring the true natural beauty of our river.

The beautiful new Trinity Park will be accessible from all part of Dallas via the Trinity Parkway, a four-lane meandering road that would be built at the 100-year flood plain level within in the levee, and would extend from Hwy 183 near Irving to Hwy 175 in Southern Dallas. This road would provide much-needed traffic relief from I-35 and Riverfront Blvd. And will open up new opportunities for transit-oriented development in Southern Dallas just as the North Dallas Tollway created new development when it was built and extended.

For generations the Trinity floodplain has separated the two parts of Dallas. By creating a major urban park, a series of smaller parks and new a roadway to connect us all, Trinity project is the critical link that makes our city whole, and creates a new public space we can all share. The project makes good business because it uses private donor contributions to pay for the park and state funding for the parkway, yet it will bring new tax revenues to our city through economic growth from the parks and transit-oriented development. With careful balance, respect for the river and a plan for our future, the Trinity Project represents the future of Dallas – a city that is connected, and finally whole.

Mayor Mike Rawlings unveils Trinity River Park:

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